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Govind Shukla, Specializes in Pharmacology, Toxicology, Nutraceuticals & Herbal Drugs has published More than 50 research papers in National & International Journals. He is also a reviewer of International Journal of Pharmacology & pharmacotherapeutics, Chief editor of IJPNR Journal & Freelance Medical Writer for Different publication Groups including Lambert Academic Publishing Saarbrucken, Germany.

Protein, A necessary component for building, maintenance, and repair of many body systems and processes.

Protein is found in animal products, nuts, legumes, fruits and vegetables. When we eat protein the body breaks it down into amino acids, some of which are called essential because they must be provided by the food we eat. Others that can be produced by the body are called non-essential. Protein is a necessary component for building, maintenance, and repair of many body systems and processes, including:

  • Production of collagen and keratin, which are the structural components of bones, teeth, hair, and the outer layer of skin; they help maintain the structure of blood vessels
  • Manufacture of hormones, such as insulin and thyroid hormone
  • Production of enzymes that control chemical reactions in the body
  • Proper immune function—production of antibodies, white blood cells, and other immune factors
  • Transportation of oxygen, vitamins, and minerals to target cells throughout the body
  • Source of energy—the liver can use protein to make glucose when there is not enough carbohydrate available, such as when we skip a meal or to follow a low-carbohydrate diet.
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