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Lose weight in Navratri With Navratri Diet

Navratri is a great opportunity to lose weight. while fasting during Navratris, we can detox ourself and lose weight. Instead of munching unhealthy foods, by switching to healthy food options that keep us full during our fast and don’t add up those extra calories. Here are some food options and tips that will help to lose weight during these Navratras.
Snack Healthy With Dry Fruits And Makhanas

One of the best things you can fuel our body with is dry fruits. Dry fruits like almonds, dates, walnuts, raisins and figs are great for consumption in fasting. They are great sources of energy and help to stay active . Dry fruits keep you full for a longer time and you don’t get hunger pangs all the time. They are healthy and also make you lose weight quickly.
Grab A Bowl Of Salad

Prepare a bowl of salad with all healthy ingredients like fruits, veggies, and paneer. Fruits like apple, banana, pomegranate, and pineapple are really healthy for you. They are rich in fiber and protein which helps you lose weight. Add on veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers in salad bowl. You can also add some cubes of paneer for some more protein.

Consume Milk And Curd

Drink milk instead of consuming these sweets. Try going for skimmed milk which is healthier and helps you lose weight. You can also have fruit curd, buttermilk or just plain curd.

Eat every three hours which will help you keep your metabolic rate high.A better metabolism will help to lose weight quickly. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Drink lot of water. You can prepare a bottle of detox water with cucumber and mint and drink it through the day.

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